Best possible interim measures taken to minimise inconvenience: DC Srinagar


Deputy Commissioner Srinagar Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary Tuesday said that in spite of the breach in the Sindh Extension Canal in Ganderbal the Srinagar administration has taken all measures possible to ensure daily supply of water to affected areas of the district facing water shortage.

Best possible interim measures taken to minimise inconvenience: DC Srinagar

He was speaking in a meeting with the local representatives of the affected areas apprising them of the situation and the status of ongoing repairs of the damage.

The representatives were informed of the interim measures taken to ensure that all affected areas of the district are supplied tap water at least twice a day for three hours each in the morning and in the evening.

PHE engineers who were also present informed the meeting that only half of the total requirement of 100 cusecs of water is currently available for supply to the affected areas. The officers said that interim measures are being further strengthened to achieve up to 70 cusecs adding that the remaining 30 cusecs requirement would only be possible after the damage in the canal is restored.

The representatives were also informed that the administration has also pressed 25 dedicated water tankers into service for providing water in their areas adding that the tanker service will remain operational until the damage in the canal is repaired and normal supply is restored.

It is notable that the tanker service in the affected areas of the district was operationalised soon after the problem occurred earlier this month. The service was strengthened last week after the DC released 10 lac rupees to the PHE department and directed for pressing at least 25 dedicated tankers into service in the said areas.

To ensure smooth operation and definite provision of the service to those requiring it six officials including two PHE Junior Engineers and four Naib Tehsildars have been designated as nodal officers for the service.

The DC while speaking on the occasion appealed to the local representatives to cooperate with the administration assuring them of doing all that is possible to ensure definite provision of water to all affected areas in spite of the problem.

It should be noted that the damage in the Sindh Extension Canal at Malshahi Bagh in Ganderbal district resulted from sloughing earlier this month.

It affected the 6.8 MGD Alasteng WTP which supplies water to several areas in the north of Srinagar. Interim measures – which include laying of four rows of 8 inches pipes to bypass the damaged spot – have been taken to ensure the affected areas in the district receive some daily supply through the supply line.


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