BJP Claims On Women Emancipation In J&K Hollow: NC

SRINAGAR: National Conference on Saturday said BJP is ever-ready with dirty tricks to try in wake of its rapidly waning influence among public saying amongst other hollow promises BJP’s claim on women empowerment also ringed hollow leaving them high and dry.

Addressing various public meets in Poonch, Party’s state women’s wing president Shameema Firdous said that BJP was purging the achievements of all the successive popular governments in J&K. “BJP has burnt all its boats in Jammu and Kashmir; its plaint stooges will also meet the same end.  Jammu, which had become a launchpad for BJP in 2014 has become hostile to BJP rank and file on account of its  failure to deliver on the promises it had made to the people while canvassing  for 2014, 2019 general elections.”

“People of Jammu equate BJP with corruption, nepotism, gender bias, inefficiency, doublespeak.  People have not forgotten the duplicity of BJP and its abject failure to protect the interests of people living in Jammu region. I have been interacting with people from all walks of life since i have come to Jammu to participate in the party activities, it is quite discernable by the mood of people that they have made it a point to punish BJP by voting against it in ongoing DDC elections. People have made it a point to bid goodbye to divisive politics, and not let BJP to hoodwink public opinion by racking up emotive issues to divert the attention of people from its failures on all fronts,” she said.

Addressing the Functionaries, Shameema Firdous extolled the significant role played by the party’s women’s wing functionaries, delegates, and workers for upholding and rallying round the party flag during the most trying times post unconstitutional and unilateral abrogation of  J&k special constitutional position. “Nothing substantial was done to alleviate the suffering of women in J&K, all the promises and claims of BJP so far has ringed hollow,” she said.

She said that BJP has nothing to offer to people and that when asked questions it goes blank and resorts to fanning communal passions. “On the contrary BJP has plunged the entire region into an abyss of chaos and confusion. The development of machinery has come to a grinding halt, administration inertia, development deficit and official unaccountability has become the order of the day. Amidst all this, it is the women that are at the receiving end. Running a household has become very touch these days on account rising prices of essential commodities and decreased in venues of income. BJP on its parts is resorting to whataboutery and overly maligning NC leadership,” she added.

Women’s wing President made stopovers at various places in Poonch and sought public support in favor of PAGD candidates. She was accompanied by Provincial President Women’s wing Satwant Kour Dogra besides other party functionaries and officer bearers.


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