BJP Criticizes Dr Farooq’s ‘Autonomy’ Statement

KL Report

Lashing out at the statement of National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah where he had said that Internal Autonomy is the only solution to the political problems of the state”, senior state BJP leader Jugal Kishore Tuesday accused him of trying to divide the state.

“There should be no autonomy for Jammu and Kashmir and any attempt to “divide the state “should be taken serious note of. No one from the masses in Jammu, Kashmir or Ladakh has uttered even a single word in favour of Autonomy”, Kishore told KNS on Tuesday.

“NC has failed to come to the expectations of the people besides failing to maintain law and order in the state. Farooq Abdullah is trying to divert the attention of the people from the real problems confronting the state,” he alleged.

“Autonomy is a distant dream of National conference. Till now National Conference enjoyed power and did nothing and now when elections are close they have started talking about Autonomy which is a distant dream it is a tactic on their part to only befool the people”.

Demanding dismissal of Omar Abdullah-led Jammu and Kashmir government, BJP leader claimed that Kashmir issue is an administrative and unemployment problem and solution to both would lead to the return of normalcy”.

He also attacked NC’s autonomy proposal for voicing the demand to have a separate (Sadr-e-Riyasat) Prime Minster in Jammu and Kashmir. “How dare someone demand a separate Prime Minster? We are part and parcel of India and no one can change it. They are trying to divide the state”, alleged Jugal Kishore Sharma while talking to news agency KNS.

Pertinently NC president Farooq Abdullah had said in his message in the party’s online newsletter that restoration of internal autonomy is the only solution to the political problems of the state.


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