BJP Enters Into The Fray, Says; ‘Easy To Bargain With NC’

KL Report


Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) castigated Additional General Secretary National Conference Dr Shiekh Mustafa Kamal for calling Prime Ministerial candidate Narinder Modi as communal and said that National Conference is the only party in the country which bargains easily with anyone.

Chief spokesperson BJP for Jammu and Kashmir, Dr Jetindar Singh told CNS that it is very easy to bargain with NC. NC will support BJP at Centre when we come into power. This party can’t survive for long without power,” he said.

“Give NC a ministerial berth at Centre and offer Chief Ministership at State level, they will be yours. For BJP it is difficult to bargain with Samajwadi party or JD(U) than National Conference,” he said.

He said time would clear all the doubts from the minds of people. “Let Modi be Prime Minister and people of Jammu and Kashmir would see how this party without wasting any time would hug BJP,” Singh said.


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