BJP Jammu MLA snubs party, praises Kashmiris for defending Article-35A


Praising the people of Kashmir for opposing moves aimed to abrogate the Article-35A, a senior BJP leader on Saturday cautioned that the people of Jammu will take up arms if they are left with no jobs or business if the special status of the state is revoked.

“If the Article 35-A is revoked, people of Kashmir won’t suffer as much as Jammuites. Kashmiris are fighting our battle while the people of Jammu are calling for the abrogation of Article-35A.We all must raise our voice so that it reaches court,” BJP MLA from RS Pura, Gagan Bhagat said while speaking to people of his constituency at a meeting in Miran Sahib.

“BJP is befooling the people of the state especially of Jammu region for vote bank,” Dr Bhagat said.

He said BJP wants to get votes from Jammu keeping larger perspective in mind across the country, adding, “they are in the Centre and looking for the whole country.”

Bhagat, who has remained in controversies earlier, said that the people of Jammu might take up arms if the Article-35A is tinkered with and the youth of Jammu don’t have jobs or business.

“People didn’t take up guns in Kashmir in one day. If one can’t have a shop, if one is summoned to police station, picked up by army men, then what option does he have? The only option left for him is to pick up arms?” he said.

Slamming BJP government at the Centre, Bhagat said that his party was raking up the issue with an eye on 300 Lok Sabha seats. BJP, he said could not remove Article-370 while being in government for five years.

“BJP is afraid of revoking special status. They don’t have guts to remove Article-35A while even being in power,” he said.

“When there are no jobs and if people can’t do their business, then people in Jammu will also pelt stones and pick up a gun,” he said.

He also refuted the allegations that Kashmiris got “more jobs” because of bias in the administration.


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