BJP Leader Had A Providential Escape As Leopard Barged Into Residence

SRINAGAR: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) General Secretary Organization Ashok Kaul had a narrow escape on Wednesday after a leopard entered his official residence at S1 Church Lane.

Quoting BJP’s Media In-charge, Manzoor Bhat the news agency KNO reported that Koul was busy in morning activities at his official residence when a leopard appeared in the lawn.

However, he managed to flee from the spot, they said, adding that the wildlife department was informed in this regard.

Meanwhile, a team of wildlife departments captured a leopard in Sonwar area of Srinagar.

Officials said that a leopard had taken shelter in Church Lane Sonwar following which the Wildlife team successfully caught the leopard and dispatched it to Dachigam park.


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