BJP must prove its credibility before bargaining for power in J&K: Panthers Party  


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JK National Panthers Party Saturday questioned the bona fides of the State BJP leadership in seeking power with PDP in the state on the claim that it has 25 MLAs out of 37 in Jammu.

The party spokesman Bansi Lal Sharma asked BJP to prove its credibility and the work done by the BJP in the past six years having 11 MLAs in the Assembly. He asked BJP leadership to make it transparent on the question of expelling 7 out of 11 from the party and then readmitting them on the eve of Assembly poll. “Does it mean that seven tainted MLAs when shared the loot with the leadership their expulsion was withdrawn yet they were not fielded in the Assembly elections. That remains unanswered.”

The party spokesman said Vajpayee as a Prime Minister inducted Omar Abdullah as a Minister in the Central government who enjoyed power for two years. “The NC and BJP remained thick friends for over a decade and neither of the party found fault with each other. How suddenly BJP has decided to change its horse from NC to PDP?”

The Prof Bhim Singh-led party asked the BJP to let the people know if the BJP leadership is going to divorce talks (dialogue) with Mufti Mohammad Sayeed because Mufti had a secret parley with Hurriyat Spokesman Prof Abdul Ghani Bhat only Friday. “Modi had shut his talks with Pakistan even refused to shake hand with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief when they attended the same conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. Prime Minister Modi reached this stage of total boycott with Pakistan on the ground that Pakistan High Commissioner (Ambassador) in Delhi happened to meet same Hurriyat leaders in New Delhi who met Mr. Mufti yesterday.”

The party spokesman questioned the double standards on the part of Prime Minister Modi and invited him to hold a debate on the double standards and the failing policy on the part of Prime Minister Modi vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir on an open platform with Panthers Party Supremo Prof Bhim Singh. “Shall he do so? Shall he continue dialogue with PDP? Shall he choose some other horses to ride power in J&K?”


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