BJP-PDP CMP Anti- Kashmir: Malik

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JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yaseen Malik
JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yaseen Malik

Common minimum agenda of BJP/PDP alliance has many things that are against the interests of Kashmiris and we will never accept these kind of agendas and will resist all these conspiracies against. This was stated by the chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik who was reacting to media reports about BJP/PDP panel of J&K ministers who are supposed to visit New Delhi shortly to “resolve issues” related to implementation of ‘Agenda of Alliance’ or Common Minimum Program of the PDP-BJP government in Jammu Kashmir.

While terming agenda of alliance between BJP and PDP as anti Kashmiri,  Malik said that this common minimum program for enjoying power contains many clauses that are highly controversial and anti Kashmiri. These anti Kashmir clauses include the proposed Israeli type settlements in the name of Kashmiri pundits, giving West Pakistan refugees permanent citizenship of J&K to change the demography of Jammu Kashmir and eroding the special status of Jammu Kashmir and end state subject law etc.

Malik said that Kashmiris unanimously have protested against all such moves and have advised so called leaders not to play with fire by implementing these RSS agendas in Kashmir.

Malik said that we are constantly monitoring the matter and we want to tell so called rulers to refrain from every anti Kashmiri agenda. Yasin Malik said that brave Kashmiri nation will not let any anti Kashmir agenda to succeed and will resist every such move with full force and passion.


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