‘Andera Qayim Rahe’ is PDD’s mantra in Srinagar

KL Report


Believe it or not, despite the arrival of summer in Kashmir, the PDD continues with its curtailment schedule issued for winter with people suffering in the midst of the dreadful crises.

The PDD has so far not changed its curtailment schedule of winter with the consumers left in lurch as the power supplies in several areas remained affected and erratic.

In Srinagar, there are curtailments for entire nights once in a week (from 10 P.M to 5 a.m) while as for twice in every seven days, supplies are snapped for 6 hours during the evening hours (from 6 P.M to 10 P.M).  Also every night, the supplies will be snapped for atleast more than one hour.

During the day time, there will be either the curtailment 8 in the morning ton 1 P.M or from 1P.M to 6 P.M every day.

Locals while expressing anger against the government and especially against the PDD said life continues to remain turbulent and pathetic in Srinagar despite the place being the summer capital of the state. “It was Omar government that vandalized Srinagar to every extent and now when we were hoping for better days in things continue to remain worse and worrisome,” locals told KNS.

They added that despite the meters installed in several areas of Srinagar, supplies continue to remain non- metered wherein erratic supplies become order of the day.

There are also reports that in Lal Bazar, the entire areas are metered but the PDD has denied them the hassle free power supplies. It was reported earlier also that due to the locals not voting against the particular party both in 2008 and in 2014 polls, the areas continue to suffer with PDD officials in alleged nexus with the political helmsmen.

Same are the woes of other areas of Srinagar who are appealing the state government to free them from the worst power crises.

Meanwhile, when contacted, MoS power Mohammad Ashraf Mir said that due to the incessant rains which were witnessed recently, supplies in some areas of Srinagar remain affected. He assured that by this summer, the government will make serious efforts to end power woes in the state sans any delay.


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