BJP, RSS Polarizing The State, Says MP Karra

KL Report


PDP MP Tariq Hameed Karra has suggested Prime Minister Narebdra Modi to reach out to people with tangible CBMs and provide a healing touch rather than creating an impression that his party is trying to conquer J&K through political might. Karra is campaigning for his party in Srinagar.

“Unfortunately, BJP and RSS is not only polarizing people on communal and ethnic lines, but an impression is fast gaining ground in Kashmir that the Saffron brigade is trying to conquer the State using political might and timeserving proxies,” Karra said.

BJP’s “affronting show of might” in Kashmir, Karra said is loaded with dangerous consequences and it could fuel fresh wave of alienation and distrust among the people.

“The political subversion and uncertainty that the state has faced in the last seven decades has already taken a heavy toll on its polity, economy and human resource and it can ill afford any further disruption,” Karra said. “Attempts being made by the Saffron brigade to squeeze the space for its residents will have to be met with maturity, wisdom, collective action and democratic assertion of our rights.”

Dismayed over the efforts to project the encouraging participation in the ongoing polls as disappearance of Kashmir problem, Karra said elections were earlier held with much larger participation but the issue stayed.

“Why did 2010 unrest happen if people had participated in similar numbers in 2008 assembly polls?” he questioned and added that if elections are really the solution of the Kashmir issue, why isn’t AFSPA being removed as so many polls have been conducted in the State since the inception of the controversial law?

Karra said BJP leaders are flooding J&K only to indulge in rhetorical melodramatics without extending any substantial financial or material help to the State to deal with its enormous economic problems. “Even the flood-affected have been left high and dry both by the BJP government at the centre and the NC-Congress coalition government in the State,” he said.


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