BJP Running Country On Communal Agenda, Promoting Hatemongers: Mehbooba


SRINAGAR: Accusing the BJP of running the country on communal agenda, former J&K chief minister Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday said BJP doesn’t know the significance of Article 370 as they have “sidelined the Constitution”.

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Talking to the media persons, Mufti said that the BJP “broke a bridge” by scrapping Article 370 and sidelining “those having faith in the country”.

In response to a question on the G-20 event in Srinagar, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chief said that Jammu and Kashmir is being presented as a “trophy” to showcase normalcy. She alleged that the shopkeepers have been asked to keep their shops open, while schools have been asked to close.

“People are being detained and questioned. There are crackdowns and raids by NIA, SIA, and SIU-like agencies. Schools have been asked to close for ten days and shopkeepers have been asked to keep their shops open. Everyone is being threatened,” she alleged.

She also accused the BJP of promoting the people who spread hatred in society, saying the party wants people to fight and spread spreading.

“The recent Jammu incident is the fallout of the hatred where students were beaten ruthlessly. The BJP wants people to fight with each other. First, it was Kashmir Files and now The Kerala Story,” she said.

Mehbooba said that if her party had resources they would have taken up the cases of those detained in and outside Jammu and Kashmir to the Supreme Court. She said their families are “struggling and crying” to meet their loved ones.

The former CM alleged that no hearing is taking place of those detainees who are languishing in jails of Jammu and Kashmir and outside. “The authorities are not presenting the witnesses and that the process is itself a punishment for them,” she said.

On violence in Jammu Medical College over ‘The Kerala Story’ movie Mehbooba said, BJP is promoting such movies and dividing society. “Nation needs to act sensibly in such matters.”

On the arrest of absconders in Mirwaiz Mohammad Farooq murder case, Mufti said that action should be taken against those involved in killings including those who killed Kashmiri pandits.


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