BJP same as Congress on Kashmir: Geelani

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While commenting over the election results in India, chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani termed the BJP and Congress as the two faces of the same coin and said that changing the hands “over the tools of oppression” doesn’t matter for us because our struggle is not for power or government, but we are fighting for “complete freedom of Jammu and Kashmir from Indian illegal and forced occupation”.

In a statement on Friday, he said, “we are struggling according to the International rules, regulations, principles and morality but India is following the police of power and force.

Terming BJP and Congress as ‘communal parties’, Geelani said, “wearing the secular mask Congress party from last 67 years have massacred innocent Muslims of India and Jammu and Kashmir and in Indian history about 36 thousand anti-Muslim riots have occurred in Congress rule”.

“The shameful act of Babri Masjid demolition was performed by BJP and Shiv Sena under the patronage of Congress government. Sikhs and Christians were massacred in Congress rule and the Congress ministers adopted ‘Chankiyaie and Mekawali’ politics and captured the state of Jammu and Kashmir by force and military might and brought whole South Asia on the verge of nuclear war. The wealth, capital or money which should have been used to eliminate the poverty of India and Pakistan, those billions of dollars are used in the race of weapons and arms, because India is suffering from the passion of war,” Geelani said.

Geelani held both the parties “responsible for the massacres and bloodshed of innocent and unarmed people and both the parties have same viewpoint over the disputed nature of Kashmir, than how does it matter for us that who holds the power.”

He asserted that Kashmiris should not hope anything from any of them (Congress and BJP) but “should remain firm like a rock and show steadfastness on our just stand and should not lose hope out of pressure and fear, but keeping complete faith on Almighty Allah, we should get united on every front for the freedom movement of Kashmir, because this unity is our power and a key to success.”

He maintained, “powerful doesn’t remain always in power nor have oppressed people remain oppressed ever.”

The octogenarian Hurriyat leader said, “the precious sacrifices of our nation have placed the freedom movement of Kashmir at such a level where from no one can suppress it, nor can anybody make any kind of sell out with it. The freedom movement of Kashmir have reached at a stage where from if Kashmir dispute is not resolved according to the wishes and aspirations of Kashmiri people and according to the UN resolutions, it can destroy the entire South Asian region.”

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