BJP snubs Mehbooba again; why she is not resigning now: asks NC


Srinagar: Lashing out at Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for continuing to sell her meetings with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “alleged achievements”, state’s principal opposition National Conference Friday while expressing disappointment over the Government of India’s decision of not holding any talks with separatists in Kashmir said “this was another clear and humiliating snub to Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti”

In a statement, NC state spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu said “it was now unambiguously clear that Mehbooba Mufti had become an insult-proof politician solely interested in remaining in her chair regardless of how she is mistreated and ridiculed by her own allies.”

“The Advocate General of India has made the Government of India’s stand very clear – they will not talk to the separatists, neither now nor at any time in the future. This is another blatant rebuke to the much hyped ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ between PDP and BJP that promised an engagement between the Central Government and all stakeholders in Kashmir, irrespective of their ideological positions,” spokesman.

He said “both Late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and now Mehbooba Mufti have sold their opportunistic, inconceivable alliance with the BJP as a compromise made for the welfare of the state and its people – primarily the promise of a political process between New Delhi and Hurriyat.” The charade has been exposed officially by the Central Government, he said.

Asking Mehbooba to resign, spokesman said “why she wasn’t resigning now as per her recent ‘threat’ to the Central Government to start talks with the Hurriyat failing which she would resign. “What is stopping Mehbooba Mufti from resigning now?

Terming the Agenda of Alliance as “hoax”, spokesman said “she has failed as an administrator and has overseen a level of barbarism, killing and brutality that is unprecedented.”

“Fearing a humiliating loss in the Anantnag by-election after being routed from Srinagar, her brother ran away from an election which was illegitimately and unethically aborted with help from the Central Government to save PDP from another imminent defeat, he said.

Expressing concern over the deteriorating situation, spokesman said “even our female students are now out on the roads – more alienated and anguished than ever before.”

“Mehbooba Mufti will have to ask her own conscience why she is continuing in her chair for even one more day now. Every single promise the PDP-BJP government made officially has been officially abandoned by the BJP without any scope for review. What Mehbooba Mufti tells us after meeting the Prime Minister is her desperate version of the exchange. The fact that the Central Government has wasted no time in snubbing Mehbooba Mufti gives us an indication of the depths of humiliation and servitude Mehbooba Mufti has subjected the Chief Minister’s chair to,” he said.

The NC spokesman said the ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ between PDP and BJP had now become a cruel joke that both opportunistic parties use to rub salt on the wounds of our youth. “Some PDP leaders go to the shameless extent of declaring the ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ as a ‘universally accepted document’ – which is ironically rejected by the very signatories to the document to start with. No amount of lying, shamelessness and treachery can save Mehbooba Mufti from the imminent wrath of the people who feel exploited, cheated and bartered to the RSS for Mehbooba’s own personal political ambitions. The only agenda of the PDP-BJP Alliance is to humiliate and kill our youth”, the NC spokesman added.


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