SRINAGAR: BJP’s Kashmir Unit on Tuesday stated that they had no vested interests in former Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu but have zero-tolerance against corruption.

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Party’s Kashmir Media in-charge Manzoor Bhat in a statement said there were no personal interests involved in removing SMC Mayor but people were suffering due to corruption and other things in the city. 

He also refuted the claims of Mattu, in which he had stated that NC and BJP had come together to remove him, Bhat said you are same person that was elected jointly by NC, BJP, Congress and PC Corporators in 2018.

“We were not against you, but primarily we were against corruption as the party has zero-tolerance against it. In SMC there was a deep-rooted corruption, scams were surfacing each day and how long people of Srinagar would suffer,” he said.

Bhat said they had joined hands with an independent group of corporators for the well being of the city not for the corruption.

“People here know all (Yeh Public hai, Sab Janti hai) and there is no need for providing explanations for each point.

Mattu should also not use BJP’s name for gaining and public sympathy,” he said. 

Bhat also said that all political parties are the same in Kashmir and BJP is not different from them. “We also want well being of people and have a clear agenda of progress and development of Srinagar city,” he said.


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