BJPs ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ campaign reaches Srinagar

DSC_0314KL Report


Dozens of Bhartia Janta Party workers assembled outside the Municipal Park Srinagar on Tuesday afternoon and held “Chai Pe Charcha” (Discussion over tea) for some time.

“Chai Pe Charcha” campaign was attended by a considerable number of people in Jammu yesterday.

The BJP workers offered tea among themselves in a local Taba, and attracted attention of the people around for some time.

Ever since Congress alleged that a “Chai Walla” (Narindra Modi) could not be the country’s Prime Minister, the party decided to use “Chai” for election campaigning.

BJP started its “Chai Pe Charcha” on February 12, as a campaign for the Lok Sabha elections.

The campaign was launched by the prime ministerial candidate of BJP, Narendra Modi.

The party expects to dialogue with at least two crore people through the interactive sessions at tea stalls.


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