BJP’s Lal Singh Facing ‘Party Revolt’ Over His ‘Repeated Misconduct’



Health Minister Lal Singh drew flak over his inappropriate 'collar correction conduct' in recent past.
Health Minister Lal Singh drew flak over his inappropriate ‘collar correction conduct’ in recent past.

BJP Jammu faction has collected some “authentic” proofs against state health minister, Lal Singh, for misbehaving with doctors in Government Medical College Jammu, reports said.

The proof, according to reports, has been collected with the help of some senior doctors and internal sources in GMC Jammu.

“Reliable sources in the Medical College said that most of the senior doctors in the Medical College are feeling choked because power brokers, who have completely influenced the Health Minister, are putting pressure on doctors as well as senior officials of the all health institutions to give them undue favours by violating all norms and rules,” reports said.

“These power brokers on one hand are busy in flourishing transfer industry in the Health Department while on the other hand this group has also started business in the field of medicines and other equipments, which are required for the Health Department.”

Some power-brokers close to Health Minister, reports said, are already doing business in medical lines. “These power brokers had started this business when he was earlier Health Minister in the PDP-Congress Government from 2002 to 2004. The same group has now flourished their business and this time investment is huge.

For the last six months senior doctors of Medical College and other hospitals have been collecting authentic and convincing evidences against close confidents of Health Minister so that these proofs should be produced before the BJP high command.”

Some senior doctors have reportedly already written letters to Prime Minister Office (PMO) and to BJP national president Amit Shah in this regard.

“Credible sources in the BJP said that earlier Amit Shah was supporter of Health Minister but now he is also maintaining distance from the Health Minister due to misdeeds of some of his close confidents. It is now an open secret that some of the loyalists of Health Minister have started business in medicine line but it is not known whether Health Minister is aware of this development or not.”


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