BJP’s Sawamy blames Doval, Madhav for Kashmir Crisis  



Senior BJP leader Subramanian Sawamy Friday blamed India’s National Security Advisor Ajid Doval and BJP general secretary Ram Madhav for the current Kashmir crisis.

In multiple tweets related to current ‘unrest’ in Kashmir he responded to remarks that Ram Madav made in an interview with a private TV channel. “Ram Madhav admits to CNN-News18 that PDP-BJP has failed. Then who is accountable but him and Doval?”

Ram Madhav admits to CNN News18 that PDP-BJP has failed. Then who is accountable but him and Doval? Did they bother to check before leaping?

— Subramanian Swamy (@Swamy39) April 21, 2017

Kashmir alliance is the first admitted policy failure on TV. Soon shall we on TV hear corporates after corporates selling off family silver?

— Subramanian Swamy (@Swamy39) April 21, 2017

In the interview, Madav had admitted that PDP-BJP alliance has failed to manage the unrest in Kashmir. “If you are asking me as to whether the BJP-PDP state government has done enough to control the situation, I am ready to admit that we could have done better. We should do better and it is our responsibility.” He told the interviewer.

Madav backed the army’s controversial act of tying a man to a jeep possible as a shield against the stone pelting.

Pertinently Swamy on Tuesday said, “Kashmir Valley should be de-populated and people sent to refugee camps in Tamil Nadu.”

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