Blue-Eyed Persons Given Prized Posts by PDP led Coalition: Congress, writes to Gov



The J&K Congress on Monday pitched for the cancelation of all the appointments made by the PDP-BJP government during its 10 month stint in the state, accusing that the prized positions in the dispensation were accorded to blue eyed.

The state Congress chief G A Mir has written to the Raj Bhavan, asking the governor to cancel all the appointments made during the 10 month long tenure of the BJP-PDP.

Mir has accused that the appointments and transfers made by the previous regime in the state were ‘politically motivated’ and the cancelation of all such orders should be made at an earliest.

Mir told KNS that the appointments should be declared null and void by the governor as prized positions were given to those who had closer contacts with the political corridors. “There were transfers of various officials done purely on the political grounds. Further, plum postings were accorded to the blue eyed. It would result in a total breakdown of the system if such a situation continues to remain in vogue. It has to be stopped without any further delay,” Mir said.

The state Congress chief added that the state has been witnessing during the 10 month long period of the BJP- PDP coalition that anarchical measures were taken and choosiest posting were given to some officials of the state dispensation.


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