Bollywood’s Dangal girl gets into Dal in car, rescued

SRINAGAR: Zaira Wasim, the acclaimed Kashmiri child actress in Bollywood blockbuster Dangal rushed into Dal lake as her car skidded off the road, Chandigarh newspaper Tribune reported.

The incident was reported Thursday evening and the people who rescued her were local residents.

Zaira, according to the newspaper was traveling along with her friend Arif Ahmad. “They were rescued from the lake by locals,” the newspaper quoted eyewitnesses saying. “Both of them survived but her friend suffered several injuries.”

“The incident happened around 9 pm on Boulevard Road in Srinagar,” the newspaper said. “Officials said the vehicle in which she was traveling belongs to a politician. At the time of the incident, the politician was not in the city, the officials said.”

Zaira’s acting in the film has brought her appreciation from a cross section of the society. The Aamir Khan film was running for a long time in Jammu talkies, this winter, primarily because most of Kashmiris in Jammu made it a point to watch it and take their kids along. Certain halls ran special shows for the VVIPs including most of the cabinet. Her acting skills led her to the Chief Minister’s home as a special guest as well.

It was not immediately known who was driving the car.


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