Border Fencing has Hit Livelihood of Karnah People: PDP Lawmaker



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Ruling PDP legislator from Karnah Friday demanded realignment and removal of fencing from certain areas in his constituency to allow grazing of cattle and free movement of people.

Legislator Raja Manzoor while speaking during discussion on allotment of Grants for Animal and Sheep Husbandry department said border fencing has hit livelihood of people in his constituency.

“Fencing on border in Karnah has made grazing and forest land inaccessible for cattle rearing. It has hit livelihood of people in my constituency,” Manzoor said, adding, “Cattle rearing is nearing end there.”

“I demand relaxation in movement of the people. The fencing, though it is good, should be realigned and at some places it should be removed,” he said.

The legislator said that the fencing in Teetwal, Keran has divided the villages and residential areas into two halves.

He said that in Keran a Higher Secondary School, market, hospital, police station and Dak Bunglow are inside the fencing area. “It creates lot of difficulties for the people to move freely.”

He said that fencing has divided a village, Pradah, into two halves and separated people among themselves.

“I have raised the issue with army and local authorities time and again. But nothing happened. Now I request the government to look into the matter and address the grievance,” he said.

While replying in his speech, Minister for Animal and Sheep Husbandry Abdul Gani Kohli said that fencing has blocked movement to the grazing land in Kargil and border areas.

“After Kargil conflict, the border needed fencing. But it hit grazing of cattle also. I will raise the issue with the army to get back the grazing land. It will benefit the cattle rearing and the state in general,” Kohli said.


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