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Expressing deep concern at the plight of people living along the LoC, People Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti has said that these people have been abandoned by the civilian administration.

Mehbooba Mufti while interacting with the people of Uri

“The people living in these areas have been left to fend for themselves in highly inhospitable conditions,” she said.

Mehbooba interacted with the families Mohd Shafi Khatana, Liyaqat Ali and Shamima who lost their lives earlier this week in one of the worst violations of the decade long cease fire between Indian and Pakistani forces along LoC. She expressed her deep condolences and conveyed her sympathies to their families.

Mehbooba told the gathering that she had urged the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to intervene in the deteriorating condition along LoC and the international border in J&K.

“It is unfortunate and upsetting that the priorities in these areas have again shifted from peaceful existence to the demands for safe houses, bunkers and bomb shelters,”she said.

Mehbooba accused that the population there faced immense problems in absence of proper health care, education and civil supplies.

“People in these areas were completely dependant on good will of army for facilities of Ambulance and fuel. The male and female population was required to prove their identity at every point which compromised their privacy, especially the women folk.” PDP president said.

In her discussions with the Amnesty International team which called on her at her residence on Saturday Mehbooba urged the human rights body to focus on the humanitarian problems faced by the people residing in border areas. She said these problems need to be focused as it seems that the rights of these people are nobody’s concern.


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