SRINAGAR: Following the horrible road accident on Boulevard near SKICC on Friday which resulted in the on-spot death of a 20-year-old youth, Traffic Police Srinagar on Saturday said special teams have been formed to identify individuals involved in stunt biking.

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Senior Superintendent Police Traffic for Srinagar, Muzaffar Ahmad Shah said that the multilevel measures to curb stunts and rash riding by two-wheelers are being taken besides identifying the boys involved in it.

“It is not restricted to Srinagar only; there are some boys from other districts who come to Srinagar for these stunts. We are in the process of identifying them and are compiling data on it,” he said.

SSP City Traffic said they will also seek assistance from the district police as well, as they will be summoning those involved in bike stunts through their concerned police stations.

“We are going to come down heavily on the repeated and habitual offenders,” the officer said, adding, “We have summoned a few and are trying to reach out to the maximum to counsel them afresh.”

Speaking about Friday’s accident, the officer said the incident is “painful”. “I have been urging the parents to be more sensitive in giving two-wheelers or any other vehicle to their children.”

“In addition to law enforcement, parents play a crucial role in preventing these types of situations. If they want to offer their children two-wheelers or other vehicles, they should make sure they have all the necessary documentation, safety equipment,” he said.

Srinagar traffic police said last week that they now have specialized “Speed Radar Guns” to measure the speed of moving cars. They claimed that the technology will assist them to stop high-speed, stunt biking, and reckless driving by vehicles. (KNO)


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