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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  senior leader and MLA Pattan Molvi Iftikar Hussain Ansari Tuesday claimed that people of Pattan rejected National Conference by boycotting their election rally. He said that people did not attend the Chief Minister’s rally because common people of Pattan and its adjoining areas are facing tyranny and they are being suppressed on gun point.

Ansari told CNS that ever since National Conference came to power in Jammu and Kashmir in 2008, people of Palhalan and Pattan were targeted, harassed, detained, and tortured on the behest of National Conference. “NC is a rejected lot and people abhor this party. On Tuesday, people did not attend NC rally and its only reason is that this party has been pursuing suppressive policies to muzzle the voice of the common people,” Ansari said adding that if people would vote and the elections are conducted with coercion, National Conference would automatically wiped out from the political map of Jammu and Kashmir.


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