Boycott by-polls; observe shutdown on voting day: Hurriyat



Reiterating the call for boycott of upcoming parliamentary by-polls, joint resistance leaders have asked people to boycott nearby by-polls while calling for complete shutdown on the day voting in the constituencies of Srinagar and Islamabad.

Participation in elections amounts to “betrayal of the sacred blood of martyrs and disrespect towards those who were deprived of their belongings, lost eyesight and those who while pursuing the mission were molested,” Joint leaders said in a statement on Tuesday.

They called for complete shut down on April 9 & 12, in Islamabad & Srinagar constituencies and asked to affirm pledge (Tajdeed-e-Ahud) on Friday April,7.

The leadership has also called for organizing protest rallies from April 8.

Terming all mainstream parties as “same breed,” the statement said that their “aim and design remains to strengthen India’s military control over Kashmir”

“They change like chameleons, and change tune and stance while in power corridors and pretend people friendly in opposition benches,” the statement added.


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