Braid chopping attempt foiled in Islamabad village


A braid chopping attempt was foiled in Doonichek Anzwalla village of Islamabad district in southern part of Kashmir on Tuesday afternoon.

The incident took place when a 22 year old married girl identified as Rafiya jan was alone in her house in Doonichek village. “I was walking in the corridor of my house and I felt someone opened the door of one of our bedrooms. Initially, I did not pay attention towards it. In the meanwhile when I was about to enter into the kitchen, someone grabbed my braid and pulled it. I cried and asked my husband to come out though my husband was not in the house,” Rafiya said.

It was only then the unidentified men fled from the spot leaving the windowpane broken.

Before the incident, Government forces were already deployed in the neighbourhood of our house, Hajira mother in law of Rafiya claimed.


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