Braid Chopping: Now, Pepper Spray Guns, Spycams enter Kashmir market


As the “braid cutting” incidents increased over the past few days across Kashmir, people who will “unintentionally” benefit out of the “spree” are the companies and retailers dealing in safety gadgets.

Advertisements have come up in newspapers that showcase Sprays and Gadgets that may help you escape braid chopping attempts.

A businessman dealing in electronic gadgets including spycams has come up with a solution of “pepper spray gun” that can foil any such attempt by the attackers.

The spray, the distributor, Basharat Ahmad says, contains “non-lethal pepper” like substances that can leave the attacker temporarily visionless.

“These items are supplied to us from Mumbai and we are looking for a network here in Kashmir for selling these items,” Basharat told Kashmir Life.

Besides, pepper spray guns, Basharat said, he imports many items that, he believes, may be used against the “braid choppers”.

“We also sell very small size spy cameras that can capture image of the attacker. The Camera can be fixed on the Dupatta or Collar to capture anyone who comes near you,” he said.

Basharat said that he ordered the pepper spray guns and spycams after the rising incidents of braid chopping across various districts in Kashmir. “A peepr spray gun costs in between Rs 1000 to Rs 1500,” Basharat said, “It makes 30 pepper shots.”

“It is basically used to combat harassment by a woman in outside states. We have many items, but these have been ordered especially in view of the current situation. We felt like it was required in Kashmir at this point of time,” he said.

Pertinently, the braid chopping incidents have increased across Kashmir over the past few days. Only Thursday 7 incidents were reported from various districts of the valley.

Jammu and Kashmir police has announced a reward of Rs 6 lacs to the people who can lead them to the braid choppers or identify them.

At the directions of CM Mehbooba Mufti, the JK police also constituted a special investigation team to crack the cases. While help lines were also formed at all district headquarters, however, has made a little progress in cracking the cases.

Kashmri Police Chief Muneer Ahmad Khan has said that the victims are not ready to cooperate with police. “It is very unfortunate,” he has said.


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