Braid of a girl chopped 2nd time in past three days in Baramulla, protests erupt


Resident of Sheeri in Baramulla on Monday held protests after a girl’s braid was cut for the second time in past three days today.

According to reports the “victim” was in the courtyard of her house when the incident took place.

Her mother said that the she was also present in the courtyard when all of a sudden her daughter felt unconscious. “The braid of her daughter was chopped off.”

She was rushed to Public Health Centre Sheeri in an unconscious state.

Pertinently, this was the second time that the girl’s braid was cut.

“On 14th of this month, her braid was cut by unknown persons. Today, they attacked her again,” said the girl’s mother, according to reports.

As the news of the incident spread, people took to streets and staged protests.

Meanwhile, lawyers staged a protest in Baramulla against the braid-cutting incidents.

Scores of lawyers took part in a rally from court office to the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Baramulla to register their protest against braid chopping.


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