Break the ice

Another example of giving Kashmiris lesser share is that of Naib Tehsildar posts for which 783 candidates were called for interview out of which only 240 or so belong to Kashmir. Any body can see the proportion of Jammuites in all the lists made public by Services Selection Board or JK Public Service Commission which is an alarming situation for Kashmiris.
Interestingly, where Jammu politicians use assembly as a platform to give vent to their genuine and unfounded grievances, Kashmiri politicians are busy in bringing bad name to Kashmiris by way of discussing issues like sex scandal in the house. Not a single member has given voice to the declining share of Kashmiris (almost 60% of J&K’s population) in bureaucracy and other services and sectors. Even these meek politicians, who are more loyal than the king, provide excuses for lessening number of Kashmiris qualifying KAS or other exams. Their readymade answer is Kashmiris are not hard workers like Jammuites which can be defied by the very fact that in the last decade the number of Kashmiris grabbing international positions including foreign scholarships has increased ten times. One fails to find any ‘brilliant’ Jammuite in it.
Another excuse is that it is a competitive exam which is merit based so nothing can be done in this regard. Question arises; if Kashmiris are not intelligent enough to qualify exams like KAS, KESS etc proportionate to their population, why not allot seats as per population so that every group has proportionately equal representation in the bureaucracy and other sectors including decision making bodies. When areas or communities have been designated backward, scheduled tribes, scheduled castes only to make sure their proportionate representation in every field, why can not it be extended to the entire state and communities to lend credence to the slogan of welfare state.
Barring apartheid South Africa, where whites snatched disproportionate share in all sectors, it doesn’t not happen anywhere else in the world that 60 percent of population gets just 20 percent of seats in coveted services. It is the worst sort of mass human rights violation of a community that needs to be discussed in the floor assembly house by the 46 members of the lower house who claim to be the representatives of Kashmiris. But they have other scores to settle. In order to evade the accountability from the Kashmiris, they simply stage dramas like discussing sex scandal (and then backtracking) in the house which otherwise is meant to discuss public grievances. They create an atmosphere, by playing with the emotions of Kashmiris, where their followers forget the real issues and fall in politician’s trap only to hurt Kashmir’s interests. If our forefathers had thrown away the autocratic Dogra rule, present lot of Kashmiri politicians is tying us to the yoke of Dogra hypocrisy very subtly.


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