#Budget 2016-17: Drabu Sounds Pro Employees, Says Ad hoc And Casual Recruitment Is A Social Issue

Dr-Haseeb-Drabu-with-PHE-daily-wagersRiyaz ul Khaliq


Coming down heavily on policymakers, Dr Haseeb Drabu said the short sighted policymakers has damaged J&K society through the process of ‘casualization’ of youth.” Refusing to take the issue of ad-hocs and casual workers of the government as “financial problem”, Drabu sees it a “social issue.”

In his budget speech, Drabu spoke about the intentions of the government to find a solution for an estimated 61,000 people engaged in different ad-hoc systems by the government over the years.

Drabu said that he has changed the system with which the wages were being paid to these ad-hoc people. He indicated certain changes in the accounting system and the procedural issues so that these people are taken care of properly.






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