#Budget 2016-17: ‘Empty Stomachs can’t be Satisfied by Deceptive Figures,’ says Tarigami



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M Y Tarigami
M Y Tarigami

Communist Lawmaker Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami Monday said the budget presented by the J&K Finance Minister is a “reflection of mere figures being devoid of any substantive relief for the common man”.

“Besides, it totally lacks concrete framework for revival of state’s economy. No measures are proposed for resource mobilization and providing succour to the downtrodden sections under welfare schemes,” he said in a statement early this evening.

“The budget is a routine exercise of rhetoric. It has nothing significant to offer and instead has generated disappointment for financially vulnerable sections of the society. Despite the demand for adequate funding for relief and rehabilitation of flood victims, no funds have been proposed, which is very unfortunate,” he opined.

Although a separate power budget has also been presented but it also appears to be “mere figure work and no future policy to augment the generation, transmission and distribution and improving the defunct networking is seen in the same”.

“The core sectors like agriculture, horticulture and livestock in terms of allocations have totally been neglected, though the fact remains that our state is an agriculture one and measure chunk of population is dependent on these sectors. The state being vulnerable to natural calamities is in dire need of crop and livestock insurance schemes to provide respite to the affectees, which have not been incorporated indicating the insensitiveness of the government towards these sectors. More-so the farmers and growers are also subjected to losses due to substandard and spurious pesticides and no attention has been paid to cope this menace by way of proposing testing laboratories in this regard,” he said.

“The unemployment problem which has assumed alarming propositions has been left unattended in the document, indicating lack of any roadmap to tackle this human issue. Harnessing of human resources and capacity building under skill development has also been ignored and even implementation of 7th pay commission has been negated by the Finance Minister, which is very discouraging. For revival of the industrial sector, the budget does not carry any vision, thereby disappointing the young and energetic skilful entrepreneurs. No to talk of regularization of over 60,000 youth engaged under various categories, no time frame or policy has been envisaged in the budget for providing them wages regularly. Increase in honorarium of scheme workers including Anganwari Workers/Helpers, ASHAs, and Mid-Day Meal Workers has totally been kept out of the purview of the budget. No enhancement has been proposed in the pension for the destitute like old aged, widows, handicapped, orphans and poor students,” he further said.

“You can’t satisfy empty stomachs with deceptive figures and hollow promises,” Tarigami said and added that the negligible figures of flood relief amount have been repeated and no allocations out of state resources have been earmarked.

“This has really shocked the traders, the artisans, transporters, shopkeepers, house owners and other affectees, who are still held in financial crisis.” “The Budget appears to be a replica of BJP model of governance which has miserably failed to take all on-board for development of the country. Sab ka sath sab ka vikasas claimed by the BJP led government has only facilitated rich becoming richer and the poor the poorer,” he added.

Meanwhile, two Private Member Resolutions in terms of Rule 179 of the Rules of Procedures and Conduct of Business of J&K Legislative Assembly submitted for discussing the transfer of Dulhasti and Salal Power Project to J&K State as recommended by the Rangarajan Committee and establishment of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and Indian Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) in Kashmir Valley by Tarigami have been accepted by the Speaker of the lower house.


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