KL Report


Government has announced a policy for reconstruction/repairs of those residential houses which were damaged during the recent floods in the State.

As per the Government Order, the Competent Authorities in SMC, SDA, LAWDA, JMC, JDA and other Local Body Institutions of the State, in whose jurisdiction the structure falls, have been authorized to grant permissions within a period of three days, in favour of these affected owners.

The owner of the residential houses have been asked to submit application form along with the following documents to the above mentioned competent authorities of the state in whose jurisdiction the residential house is situated.

1.   Copy of FIR registered with nearest police station;

2.   An Affidavit to the effect that the applicant is a lawful owner of the premises for which permission is being sought and also that he will not deviate from original structure and he has raised the Construction legally’

3.   Four copies of proposed building plan drawings on standard format- A3 size Three copies and A4 size one copy and

4.     Two No. self attested passport size photographs of the applicant.

As per the order “no building permission fee shall be charged from these owners.


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