‘Bullets for stones not justifed’

KL Report


Urging the Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to punish the police officials who shot dead an innocent youth in Narbal, the former chief interlocutor on Kashmir Dileep Padgaonkar Sunday said the death could have been avoided if the forces would have followed standard operating procedures (SOP).

“We have seen from last many years that security forces in Kashmir are not following the set procedures for law and order problem. It is unfortunate that the forces in Kashmir do not know how to deal with the law and order proplem. The Chief Minister should immediately punish the police officials who shot dead innocent youth,” Dilip Padgaounkar told KNS over phone from New Delhi.

He said that there was no need to pump bullets in the youth’s body when they could have easily dispersed the protestors by resorting to aerial firing. “Bullets for stone are not justifiable. I fail to understand why they (Police) shoot to kill. Were protestors so much violent that the security forces had no alternative but to kill a teenager? This is not the way and it augments alienation,” he said.

Padgaonkar alleged that forces do not follow SOP while dealing with the protestors in Kashmir. “The top brass of security always claim that its men follow SOP while rendering operational duties in Kashmir but things are different as they never follow these procedures,” he said.


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