Burglars On Stalk In City; Police Fails To Act: Residents

KL Report


Panic and fear has gripped the residents of Bemina and Qamerwari due to the stepped up activities of burglars. The residents said that every night burglars decamp with valuables from one or the other house. However, police have failed to take concrete steps to nab the burglars,” they alleged.

A delegation of residents told KNS that burglars have created a fearsome atmosphere in Bemina and Qamerwari areas. “The unknown burglars almost every night appear in the houses at night and attempt to loot the residential houses and shops. They have unleashed terror in the area,” they said.

The resident of Bemina said that the burglars’ decamped household goods from a house last night .They said that several houses were looted by the burglars from last one week.

“We brought the matter in the notice of officers of police and district administration but nothing has been done so for,” they claimed


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