Burhan & Dujana rules the state, not New Delhi; says Er Rasheed

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Er Rasheed outside J&K Legislative Assembly, Jammu (File Photo)

AIP chief and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed Tuesday had heated arguments with BJP members at the end of his speech and was later marshalled out from assembly, this was stated by the spokesman of party in a statement.

While participating in the debate over uprising and killings in Kashmir, Er. Rasheed in his speech termed the debate a futile exercise.

Arguing, that could this debate resolve Kashmir dispute, get some innocent released from jail, punish someone who killed innocents, or bring somebody’s life back, Er. Rasheed reiterated that J&K had never been India’s integral part nor will remain in future, unless people of J&K don’t decide so through a plebiscite.

Er. Rasheed lambasted New Delhi for her “unrealistic stand and colonial attitude towards people of J&K.”

“While just few hundred people participated in the funeral of late Chief Minister Mufti Sahab, about fifty thousand participated in the funeral of Abu Qasim, a non-state subject, only for the reason that for Kashmiris militants are not terrorists. Those citing 1987 rigid elections as a reason to militancy are absolutely wrong in a saying so, as the history is witness to the fact that when people are deprived of their fundamental rights it gives birth to Yasir Arafat, Subash Chandra Bose, Raj Guru or Burhan Wani, Rasheed said.

He further said that “let world understand that lakhs don’t turn up to the funeral of terrorists and the huge funeral of Burhan is enough to conclude that while state is ruling through the barrel of gun, Burhan was ruling the hearts of people,” and added that “It is not New Delhi but Burhan and Abu Dujana ruling the state”

The spokesman said that Er. Rasheed reminded the assembly that the militants are not taking arms for being uneducated or to get monitory benefits but there one point agenda is to ask New Delhi to fulfil promises made to them at UN. “we will never beg to ban pellet guns, revoke PSA, release prisoners or grant concessions as people of J&K treat India as a occupation state. If Govt. of India truly believes J&K to be its integral part, and wants UN permanent membership, it must fulfil the promise of holding the plebiscite.”

Saying that seeking resolution to Kashmir dispute doesn’t make anyone a traitor”. Er. Rasheed said that “those claiming mass uprising being confined to valley only are lying to themselves, as who doesn’t know in Chinab valley, Pir Panchal or many parts of Ladakh region state terrorism was resisted by masses supporting plebiscite.”

Er. Rasheed added that those claiming existence of PDP-BJP alliance responsible for the uprising are misleading the facts, as even if Hurriyat leaders or Syed Salah-ud-din are given power with limitless autonomy within Indian constitution, the situation would no change.

Er. Rasheed expressed surprise that while European Union, United Nations, Pakistan Parliament, Indian Parliament, British Parliament and other International forums do discuss in length and breadth the different angles of J&K dispute but the state Assembly doesn’t collect the courage to ask for resolution of dispute.


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