Cabinet Meeting: Food Security Act, PPP Modules, Skill Development Approved



CM Mufti and other during Cabinet Meeting in Jammu.
CM Mufti and other during press briefing in Jammu.

In perhaps the first cabinet meeting that did not even remotely talk of placements and transfers of government officials, the ruling coalition approved a series of policy initiatives. From now on, the government will fund for marriage of all the daughters in the BPL families across the state, informed sources said.

These marriages will be taken care by the states social welfare department.

While Chief Minister and some of his cabinet colleagues are briefing the media, reports reaching from Jammu said the cabinet has approved the major policy initiative involving PPP. Under this system, the government will take private parties in implementing projects across different sectors which will be a symbiotic kind of a relationship.

The cabinet also approved a major policy note on the skill training across the state.

The cabinet has also decided to fast forward the creation of cluster universities in the state. These universities will have financial autonomy that will help them implement projects fast.

Besides, the cabinet approved advancing the budget session. The session will now start from January 18 and the budget proposals for 2015-16 will be presented on January 23.

The cabinet also is understood to have approved the National Food Security Act. It is also being implemented from February 2016.


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