Cabinet Meets On Thursday: Employees DA On Cards

KL Report

After a month long hiatus, cabinet is meeting on September 4 with the government likely to take a call on the issues of daily wagers and announcement of 10 percent Dearness Allowance (DA) to the employees pending since January 2014, local news gatherer KNS said.

It said the issues on priority would be the regularization policy for the daily wagers. The cabinet sub-committee is submitting its detailed report over the issue and the same shall be discussed on priority in the state cabinet.

Earlier in the state legislature the government had clarified that daily wagers engaged before January, 1994 shall be eligible for regularization in the government services. However, it is yet to frame any policy about the casual and need based workers engaged in various government departments with their number being estimated around 53,000. The state authorities earlier had stated that it will be framing a policy about the casual and need based workers in near future.

Besides, the cabinet is likely to announce 10 percent enhancement in the DA of the state employees as the same was due in their favor since January 2014. Sources said that 50 percent of the plan allocation has been approved by GoI and the DA in employees favor shall be disbursed after Thursday’s cabinet meet.

Sources also stated that the major administrative including that of civil and police reshuffle is on cards. “The Cabinet is likely to effect an administrative reshuffle also,” sources said. Pertinently the cabinet meeting got delayed because of a bickering between the two coalition partners over various issues including reservation for Paharis and re-settlement of refugees. However, one of the factors that caused the delay was that Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had to visit England to see his father Dr Farooq Abdullah.


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