‘Call of Conscience’; cop resigns, video goes viral


At the time when circulating videos has turned new tool to spread messages in the ‘clash of Kashmir’ another video has gone viral and is being widely circulated.

The video of a constable of Jammu and Kashmir police who is announcing his resignation.

Terming the reason as the violence going he says that this is “call of conscience.”

“I have resigned from (Jammu and Kashmir) police department so that my conscience does not keep on asking me questions whether I am right or wrong as a policeman to see the bloodbath here,” the man who seems in his early thirties says. The person has identified himself as as Rayees, saying, he was working in the department for the last seven years as a constable with aim to serve the people.

“At the time of joining (Police) department, I had vowed to serve civilians and meet responsibilities of my family.

“I think I was doing jihad (holy war) as it is a means to fight the unnecessary desires within oneself and also to fight for humanity, but the situation has worsened in the Kashmir Valley. An unstoppable storm has emerged here,” he continues to say in calm voice.

He says that everyday people are getting killed and wounded because of the reason that “a Kashmiri is seeking his right which is the plebiscite,” and the promise of a plebiscite was never fulfilled.

“The bloodshed here is because the plebiscite never took place. Even Indians and Pakistanis are dying here, but Kashmir suffers the most. Neither do I like Pakistan nor do I hate India, I only love my Kashmir, I want peace here,” he goes on saying.

“It is not in my hands to resolve this issue, but there is another issue for which I have shared this video. I am watching this bloodshed as a policeman and my conscience keeps on questioning me whether it is right or wrong of me,” he says.

He adds that “I had no answer, but now I have come up with a resolution of this issue, my own issue, and I have decided that I will resign from my job and I am sharing with you through this video that I have resigned,”

Rayees says that his conscience is now allowing him to face the situation prevalent .

He terms the life he will spend after this a Jihad, holy war.

“As far as my jihad is concerned, I will continue my struggle by doing hard work to fulfil the basic necessities of my family. I am from a poor family, my father is a labourer and I will work hard to take care of my family, but I cannot see my conscience dying. I can bear anything but I cannot ignore my conscience,” he said.

The video of more than six minutes of duration, cannot be immediately verified.

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