Calling Bhagat Singh a terrorist not intentional, says suspended Jammu university professor  



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A Jammu university professor on Friday was suspended after he allegedly called a freedom fighter Bhagat Singh a “terrorist”.

A professor identified as Muhammad Tajjudin was suspended on Friday after a video clip showing him calling freedom fighter Bhagat Singh a terrorist went viral on social media. Following the remark, students of the varsity filed the complaint against the professor.

“I was teaching Lenin in the class, whose brother was killed in a terror act and in that context I mentioned Bhagat Singh. Perhaps, it was not right on my part to say so. I am sorry for the remark. I called him a terrorist but those who believed in non-violence, especially Gandhians equated him with terrorism,” Hindustan Times quoted Professor Tajjudin as having said.

The professor told the newspaper that students were not mature enough to grasp the concept. I had no intention to hurt their sentiments. The students could have shared their concern with me rather than making a video and sharing it on social media. However, the professor has apologised for the comment.

Comment over the issue, vice chancellor of the university professor Manoj K Dhar told the newspaper that a six-member committee will look into the entire incident, and based on that further actions will be taken.

Following the incident, protests were reported from the varsity campus between the students in favour of the Professor Tajuddin and the opponents. While the group supporting him said that being a political science professor, he has to be critical while teaching the subject, the opponents accused him of deliberately calling Bhagat Singh a terrorist and demanded that he be sacked, Hindustan Times reported.


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