CA&PD Advises Consumers To Keep Their Ration Card With Them

KL Report


As per a notice issued here today by Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution (CA&PD) department, Jammu, all the consumers/ration card holders have been advised to keep their ration cards with them and in case these are with the dealers or I/C ration  depots, lodge a written complaint with any of the officers of the department.

The notice further states that for illegal retention of ration cards, the concerned dealers will be directly responsible and liable to be terminated from the dealership.

It has been noted with utmost concern that many ration dealers and In charge government ration depots are usually retaining the ration cards of consumers which is highly objectionable and against law. The ration card should always be with ration card holder and under no circumstances ration dealer or any other official of the department can retain this important document belonging to consumers.


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