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At the time when ration crisis on ration depots are on high pitch voice in frontier villages of border town Uri and on the other the side CAPD (Consumers Affairs and Public Distribution) Department is providing very little amount of ration for the every familiy and residents and which is blamed, is not enough.

According to local news agency KNS, CAPD Department is Supplying 30 Kg Rice, 5 Kg Maize and 1 Kg Sugar stocks on a single ration card which is too low according to the need of the people.

Quoting sources, KNS reports said before 3 months, a ration truck was unloaded at Ration Depot Uri to distribute the food stock among people but only some bags of stock were distributed and others are still lying in depot which were ruined and spoiled. In the area villages like Garkote, Nambla, Salamabad, Charunda are in huge mess putted by CAPD Department.

Locals alleged that they were compelled to eat spoiled ration and were asked by authorities that left bags of food stock were not for sale. They added that due scorching heat in the months of June, July and August in which the ration was kept in the depots which leads to the spoiling of food stock.

“Employees working in the depot distributed some bags of food stock, but later when we came to ration depot to collect the ration, the ration was fully spoiled and infectious to eat and working employees there use to say that the bags which are left behind are not for sale,” a local said.

“We were not having orders of sale that time so it was impossible for us to supply the food stock to the people. May be we have played with resentments of people but it was our duty,” said an employee working at the Depot.



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