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The process of issuance of ration cards will be completed within a period of one month with the date being digitized at the earliest, said the director CAPD Kashmir, Bilal Ahmad Bhat.

Talking to KNS after assuming office, Bhat stated that the process of finalizing the ration card issuance shall be completed within one month period and that the staff has been directed to gear up for the challenge.

He stated that his priorities as the director would be to utilize the available resource so that the department could provide better services to the valley masses. Bhat maintained that the classification of BPL and APL ration cards is in the process and that the efforts shall be prioritized to provide help to the needy.

He stated that the distribution of ration will be started at the 26 of this month and shall end by the 10th of next month. He further added that the digitalization of the date in the department shall be given the top priority and each and every development taking place within the CAPD shall be available on the official portal.

Bhat remarked that there will be no scarcity of ration in valley if the same is distributed in the proper way. “I believe that distribution of ration is not a tough deal; as it is being believed at large. It has to be done with the proper time frame then only masses could have a sigh of relief.”


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