Cat Sized Rats Invade Jammu Old City


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Next time you enter Jammu city, it is not only dogs you have to be aware of like Srinagar, but of rodents as well. They have invaded each lane and drain of the old Jammu city and are causing huge nuisance to the inhabitants besides damaging the foundations of the buildings. Experts claim even 65000 anti-rodent doses used by Jammu Municipal Corporation over the last two years have failed to eliminate rats in the old city.

The issue was communicated by the Jammu municipal corporation to the chief minister’s secretariat in response to a complaint filed by RTI Activist Raman Sharma where the activist has urged the state authorities to launch a full fledged drive against the Cat sized rats in the old city.

In a statement released, in his grievance petition (vide no. 36308) Raman has sought the intervention of the State Health Department and JMC to get rid of this menace. He has requested, “Now through this prayer I would urge you to kindly direct the State Health department and Municipal authorities to launch a full fledged drive against the Cat sized rats in our locality these rats are now spoiling everything, we have tried our level best but now it is not in the hands of citizens therefore we want the intervention of the state government and its agencies to help the citizenry from this night mare. Hope you consider this prayer.”

The complainant has also expressed fear of spreading epidemics because of these large size rats.

The Jammu Municipality in its response has apprised the CM Grievance Cell that as reported by Municipal Veterinary Officer, they spread the doses of antirodents’ pills in the said area, reads the statement

Last year 35230 doses of anti-rodents were used for killing rats. Current year up to November, 2012, 30700 doses have been used.


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