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Kashmir for decades has been a key subject for the students of the diplomacy schools across the world more so in India and Pakistan. How the diplomacy is finally being transacted on Kashmir, this section offers the window.

Weary of Kashmir summers

Rush of tourists and Chidambaram’s ability to walk in the downtown Srinagar may indicate some semblance of normalcy in Kashmir…

Compulsive disengagement

With domestic political compulsions leaving India and Pakistan unable to come to any agreement on less contentious issues like Sir…

Engaging the Generals

Resumption of diplomatic engagements between India and Pakistan may not be helpful unless, experts say, India talks directly to the Pakistan military. Iftikhar Gilani reports.

Musharraf’s Kashmir deal

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf talks about his Kashmir plan – that was aborted after he lost power – in…

Distortion of history

Archival evidence suggests that Indo-China border dispute have no roots in history and old maps were burnt in the Ministry…

Chasm in the bonhomie

For long Iran and India have had warm friendly relations. However, the shift in Indian foreign policy is creating a…

What US thinks of Kashmir!

Wikileaks is driving news across the globe and in the subcontinent. It leaked a Congressional Research Service Report (RL31587) of…

Nominal democracy

Skipping burning corruption issues in the country, the Congress president talked Kashmir at the AICC session this week. Iftikhar Gilani…

Buying out the West

The rise of Indian clout has an overwhelming influence on the West’s policy towards Kashmir, which until recent times favoured…

Kashmir in America

The second generation of around a 1000 Kashmiri American families feel more closer to their ancestral land and are making small efforts in their own way to help alleviate sufferings of their brethren. A Kashmir Life report.

Karakoram’s Newerland

Islamabad’s fresh dose of autonomy to the erstwhile Northern Areas have created a lot of heat and dust. R S…

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