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Kashmir for decades has been a key subject for the students of the diplomacy schools across the world more so in India and Pakistan. How the diplomacy is finally being transacted on Kashmir, this section offers the window.

A Costly Operation

Within days after the 2001 Parliament Attack, more than half a million soldiers were mobilized on Indo-Pak border under Operation…

For A Greater Good

by Shujaat Bukhari India and Pakistan cricket teams clashing in Bangalore after seven years, the relations between the two “bitter”…

Conflict IC 814 Air India Aircraft Hijacked
The Kandahar Daand

Many years after the accused in the sensational hijacking of an Air India aircraft from Kathmandu in 1999 to Kandahar…

A Marathon Struggle

Once termed to be the ‘juggler vein of Kashmir’, Baghlihar symbolizes an achievement that has laid a strong foundation for…

Leaking Diplomacy

That it is a huge embarrassment for the State Department is an old story. The US cables leaked by the…

Ceding Territory For Peace

India is ready to cede some territory to Bangladesh in return of the latter’s cooperation in ‘anti-terrorism’ needs and to…

Weary of Kashmir summers

Rush of tourists and Chidambaram’s ability to walk in the downtown Srinagar may indicate some semblance of normalcy in Kashmir…

Compulsive disengagement

With domestic political compulsions leaving India and Pakistan unable to come to any agreement on less contentious issues like Sir…

Engaging the Generals

Resumption of diplomatic engagements between India and Pakistan may not be helpful unless, experts say, India talks directly to the Pakistan military. Iftikhar Gilani reports.