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Taking on the Left, the Right, and Centre
Tarique A Bhat
We are feeling a morbid lack of interest in life and sort of empty inside? Completely lacking in motivation. Reason: We are obsessed with politics and tend to look at the government and politicians as the cause of all problems in our lives.
Yes, we are fed up with politics of more than 75 years now. I am talking of many who don’t neatly fit into the red or green. Kashmir  is mired in a whirlpool of uncertainty. Our politicians are without the requisite political will to overcome deliberately designed structural impediments to solving the problem.
UPA’s Kashmir tangle

Iftikhar GilaniAs the exit polls and an internal survey of Congress predicted a close shave with rival National Democratic Alliance…

The Afghan dilemma

Indications of USA and the UK preparing to exit from Afghanistan has sent the subcontinent into a tizzy. Due to…

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