CCA condemns the charging of students with sedition

KL Report


Coaching Centres Association (CCA) of Kashmir has termed the charging of Kashmiri students with sedition in Meerut as an unfortunate event that runs a risk of alienating an entire generation of Kashmiris.

“This is horrible with no example anywhere to be found,” said G N Var, president CCA. “Certain youngsters expressing their feelings in a cricket match won’t harm any country but you have suddenly labeled them enemies. This is terrible.”

 The association said that the move is fraught with dangers. “This sedition move will threaten thousands of Kashmiri students in various states in India,” said Var. “Now everybody is worried for their outside wards and it directly will affect their career.”

The association demanded an immediate rollback of charges. “All the charges should be removed immediately,” said Var. “These students were selected on Prime Ministers Scholarship Scheme for career building and now the same is threatening their careers.”

The association said that the scheme was already fraught with problems and now it has added other dimensions to it. “Forget coming closer to Kashmir, this scheme has in no way helped in maintaining an amiable distance,” said Var.


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