CCS decides to move to Supreme Court

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Coalition of civil society (CCS), a human rights defender group active in Jammu and Kashmir, has decided to move to Supreme Court against the transfer of a PIL from Srinagar to Jammu.

CCS had filed a PIL in the High Court, Srinagar for disbanding of Village Defense Committees (VDC’s), disarming of SPOs and an inquiry into the crimes perpetrated by ‘Ikhwanis’ (government backed gunmen).

Earlier, on Monday September 16, the Judges transferred the PIL to Jammu bench, with an argument that the PIL pertains to Jammu region.

“Strangely, the Srinagar bench of the High Court doesn’t consider functioning and the criminality of SPOs, VDCs and Ikhwanis within its purview,” reads a face book post of Khurram Parvez, coordinator of CCS.

“This discouragement will not stop us from struggling against the institutionalized injustices. We surely will not stop here,” the post added.

Khurram while talking to Kashmir Life said that CCS has decided to go to the Supreme Court against transferring the PIL from Srinagar to Jammu.

“We have decided to file an appeal against the transfer order in the Supreme Court of India,” Khurram said.

Pertinently there are complaints of grass human rights violations by the hands of VDC’s, SPO’s, Ikhwani’s and other government backed gunmen.


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