‘Ceasefire proves militants are not terrorists’: Er Rasheed


Welcoming center’s declaration of a unilateral ceasefire with the militant outfits, Independent lawmaker, and MLA Langate Er Rasheed has said that the move is a much-needed beginning to resolve the long pending dispute which has claimed nearly one lakh Lives.

Er Rasheed in a statement said that the decision taken by Delhi vindicates stand of Kashmiris and it is proven now that the militants are not ‘terrorists’ and good sense has begun to prevail in Delhi.

Er Rasheed said: “The center’s decision has proved that militants enjoy public support and eliminating them makes them stronger.”

“The unilateral ceasefire is a victory of Kashmiris but the same time it should not be seen as a defeat of the other side. Delhi being the major party to the dispute must move now beyond the ceasefire and offer unconditional talks to United Jihad Council and Hurriyat leadership and then start tripartite talks between all the three stakeholders,” said Er Rasheed.

“It is a moral obligation of  Delhi to respect its commitment to declaring a unilateral ceasefire. However unless Delhi doesn’t walk few more extra miles not much may change on the ground as Kashmiris have not sacrificed for the ceasefire or autonomy or any resolution outside UN resolutions but for the right to self-determination, which is their birthright,” he said.

Er Rasheed asked militant leadership to try and gain the genuine dividends of ceasefire by showing maturity and responding with positivity to Delhi’s move. He added that any reaction in hesitation will give Delhi an excuse to run away from the real issue.

Er Rasheed appealed all political parties not to waste time but try to move beyond ceasefire by asking Delhi to start the dialogue with Pakistan and militant leadership for the final settlement after a dispute.

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