Celebrating an Odd Day as Solidarity won’t Help Kashmiris: Hurriyat (g)



Thanking the government and the people of Pakistan for celebrating Kashmir “Solidarity Day”, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Friday said that the “Kashmir Issue” is the ‘unfinished agenda of making of Pakistan’ and “till this issue is not solved according to the wishes and aspirations of its people, a stable and prosperous Pakistan is a distinct dream”.

“Celebrating an odd day a year as solidarity day for Kashmir can’t fulfil the responsibility of helping Kashmiris on political, diplomatic and moral levels but for that Pakistan has to maintain consistency and firmness in its Kashmir policy so that the sufferings of oppressed Kashmiris could reach the world and their Right to Self Determination demand is achieved,” a statement issued by Hurriyat Conference (g) said.

“The way, Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif reiterated his stand while addressing a joint session of Azad Kashmir Assembly and advocated the Right to Self Determination for the Kashmiri people and promised his every possible help in this regard, it has definitely encouraged the Kashmiri nation and has added a new life to this freedom struggle but the need of the hour is the effective implementation of these promises which are often repeated and made on the solidarity day. The people of Kashmir are in no way opposed to the better relations and trade ties between India and Pakistan but the first priority should be given to the basic and birth rights of Kashmiris and the Pakistan should not ignore the oppression and atrocities of India against the poor Kashmiris. What is the fun of talking about the trade of onion and potatoes where the human lives have no respect?” the statement said.

“Today, on the occasion of solidarity day celebrations, the Pakistan government, army and the people should remember that after Almighty Allah, the Kashmiris are looking towards them and they have high hopes that the Pakistan will never forget them and will continue to help them till the goal of freedom is achieved. The people in Pakistan who are reckoning the Kashmir issue as a burden for them should also bear this thing in mind that the Kashmiris along with their freedom struggle are fighting for the existence of Pakistan and if God forbid Pakistan somehow will giveaway Kashmir, the expansionist designs of Brahman imperialism will get encouraged and they will dream to go for Karachi and Lahore too,” it said, “the RSS ideology in India are gaining strength day by day and they will go to any extent for making a greater “Hindu Rashtra” from Bali (in Indonesia) to Bamiyan (in Afghanistan). (KNS)


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