Cellular companies duped mobile internet users in J&K, eloped with lofty amount

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The subscribers of internet mobile paid the amount meant for the service but it was blocked by the government, so the cellular companies got a huge sum of money without even providing the service to their subscribers for six days.

The mobile internet users have asked the government to intervene in the matter because it was due to its blockade that they have not been given any credit of the amount paid before the blockade and they had to pay a fresh amount to recharge their gadgets.

Pertinently, government of Jammu & Kashmir imposed mobile Internet ban as a “precautionary measure” after communal clashes in Kishtawar district.

According to sources around 30 lakh subscribers in entire Jammu & Kashmir got affected by this blockade and their already paid amount was not considered which amounts in crores.

The internet users added that when the service was restored Thursday, afternoon the subscribers were surprised to know that their already balance was not taken into consideration even if without any usage.

“I  was shocked when I  called the customer care of  a cellular company and complained about the matter , he talked so ill-manneredly that it seemed as if we are being also subjugated by these Companies,” Mirza Idrees- ul- haq Beigh, a mobile internet user told Kashmir Life.

The internet service was snapped on last Sunday as the news of death and destruction in Kishtawar and other riot hit areas started spreading.

“I personally did a research to see who gains from this type of time and again mobile internet blockades. Approximately 2 crore INR was gathered by Cellular companies like Idea, Vodafone ,Airtel etc,” he added.

“It was heart wrenching to know that the cellular companies have duped their customers. They have eloped with lofty sum due to the mobile internet blockade,” Haq said.

As in the private sector the business runs on give and takes scheme, but it is seen impractical in this part of the world.

“Who is going to repay public money is a big question for government of Jammu and Kashmir and the cellular companies operating in the state,” asks Haq.

The experts see as a gross violation of the Rules mentioned by TRAI as well.


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